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The author of this piece was very clear that their account is a parody. They specifically stated it's not a real experience. ~~~ aetherson Can you link me to where the author said they were making fun of real girlfriends, though? I only see the author saying that they were making fun of the relationship genre in general. That's not making fun of a specific person. thrwaway1948 Here's the parody guy's twitter page: [ He makes the point about fictionalizing on Twitter, and says explicitly that the report is a parody, at least at the beginning of the report. Well he specifically says they're making fun of girlfriends in this article. ------ jareds I think this is a natural evolution of the altoid tin concept. There are already baggies, juice boxes, tinfoil, etc. and the physical object is secondary to the experience. I think it's more exciting than a phone case because of the aesthetic/branding mechanics of the iPhone that the baggie doesn't take advantage of. npsimons Not to pick on your comment, but you didn't address my main point, which was why do we need a product like this if you have a can of food, and can access it wherever you are? The difference is that I can take the same can and use it for other activities like jerking off. JackpotDen Someone did an experiment once to see how many times you could drink a can of peanut butter. He kept breaking the seal after every single drink. justrudd The story didn't tell me that. It only talked about each drink. StavrosK I'm trying to see it: is this a bottle of peanut butter, but with a cap that won't close? Edit: this appears to be a refillable jerry can, with an openable lid and a cork. Yes you can refill the jerry can after opening



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