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Experience, Knowledge, Value and Commitment


As Principal Consultant, Alan Paquette, B.Sc., PMP  provides 40-years of broad industry experience.  In addition to his consulting practice, he is a former General Contractor, Specialty Subcontractor, and former federal government Construction Manager.  He has extensive capabilities in proposal development, costing, scheduling, contracts, negotiations, project management and turnarounds, disruption and delay analytics, dispute resolution, federal contracting and regulations, REA's, Claims and "expert witness" litigation support.  


Adhere to standards of excellence and ethics, act with integrity and due diligence, seek innovation and improvement, value knowledge and respect for others, and deliver results based upon findings of fact and evidence, applying proven forensics and analytical methodologies.  


Prepare technical proposals that to date, resulted in over $500M in contracts for contractors--from firm-fixed priced to IDIQ, multi-year contracts, on a diversity of solicitations, from base-build, renovations, Facility O&M, and public and private-sector work.


Proven success executing project turnarounds for contractors and sureties.  Have been instrumental in preventing and overturning wrongful terminations for default, mitigating damages, and helping contractors recover from inequitable and wrongfully incurred damages.  Assist Surety claim and legal teams to establish factual basis of Claims and defense.  


Provide objective review, proven analytics and pragmatic solutions to resolve disputes.  Have successfully prepared and settled numerous REA's and Claims, providing expertise to prove the case upon the multitude of construction disputes that arise.  


Initial inquiries and discussions are always free and confidential.  If we can help your situation, we will convey that understanding and plan forward for your consideration.  From business development, to project management, to Claims and litigation -- consider Construction Analytix as your valued support resource. 


Provide best practices Project Management and training, offering "Street-Smart" strategies and contracting insights, with a proven approach to leverage project and contractor success and avoid the damaging consequences of failure.

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